#35 - 7.1 to 2016 Service Pack 1 Upgrades with Skins

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#35 - 7.1 to 2016 Service Pack 1 Upgrades with Skins

Postby Jade Support » Thu May 10, 2018 11:36 am

Upgrades from 7.1 to JADE 2016 Service Pack 1 (SP1 - 16.0.02) can cause an issue with existing Skins in user schemas.
For the issue to occur, a user Skin must define either a JadeSkinListBox or JadeSkinTable entity.

Systems upgraded from 7.1 to the initial release of JADE 2016 (16.0.01), then upgraded to Service Pack 1 are not affected.

A hotfix will be created for this issue (PAR 65976) and the InstallSheild repackaged in the coming days, however in the meantime please do not upgrade any 7.1 systems with user Skins directly to 2016 SP1.
The current workaround, if you need to upgrade to 16.0.02, is to upgrade to 16.0.01 first.

If you have upgraded a system directly to 2016 SP1 and it contains user Skins please contact JADE Support.
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