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Re: String::replace

Postby BeeJay » Thu May 03, 2018 1:54 pm

Kevin wrote:With regards encryption,

No, we don't ship encrypted schemas (all our production environments are under our control using a development security library).

Presumably though, Jade has some low-level data stored that's used when calling other methods that could be fixed. If there's no method source to update, perhaps nothing needs to be changed (assuming methods are called by reference rather than name).

How does it cope in other scenarios when things need to be recompiled? i.e. adding/removing method re-implementations is a scenario that comes to mind which causes a recompile of existing references.

Simple answer, it doesn't. When we run commands of this nature on our encrypted systems, we always have to follow up with a schema load of at least all the methods that are now in an un-compiled state as a result of running the command. The time it took for us to work out which methods we would also need to include was somewhat wasted, and quite time-consuming, which is why we switched over to just using full schemas for all our major/minor/consolidated releases and only using selective extracts for HotFixes when absolutely required. If we have to produce a HotFix when we're in the middle of testing our next major/minor/consolidated release, we'll make that same HotFix change to that environment if we haven't finished. If we've finished, we'll immediately generate the HotFix schemas for that release, and after testing include them in the release bundle by adding the partial extract to the mul package of our full release. However, we've only had to do that once or twice in the 14 years I've been working on this product so it is not really an issue we come across very often.


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Re: String::replace

Postby Kevin » Fri May 04, 2018 5:29 pm

OK - Thanks for the clarification

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