JadeHTTPConnection - Verb_PUT

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JadeHTTPConnection - Verb_PUT

Postby advaro » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:01 pm

Been trying to work out why my JadeHTTPConnection was always returning blank when I try to do a PUT command, but I see in the docs the Verb_PUT isn't supported.
We are part way through a required rewrite of the PPSR, and commands so far have been GET and POST so no problem, but the operation to update details requires a PUT verb.
How do I do this in Jade then?

Aside: I had a similar issue with a DELETE verb a year or so back not being supported, and had to do a nasty workaround outside of Jade to handle DELETEs - does anyone have any idea if/when DELETE and PUT which I thought would be pretty common verbs are likely to be supported?


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