#34 - 7.1.09 Multi-Worker Meta Certify Issue

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#34 - 7.1.09 Multi-Worker Meta Certify Issue

Postby Jade Support » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:46 am

In JADE 7.1.09 and JADE 2016 Service Pack 1, the Meta Certifier now supports the option of running multiple workers. In JADE 7.1.09 only, when a Meta Certify operation is performed using multiple workers, some fixes generated by the worker processes may not be added into the consolidated _logcert.fix file.

To ensure all errors are repaired, all generated repairs in all _logcert[n].fix files should always be inspected for appropriateness and then added to the _logcert.fix file, before the repair operation is run.

It is advised to always re-run the Meta Certify operation after any repair operations have been completed to confirm that all errors have been repaired correctly, and that the system is now error-free.

This issue affects only the 7.1.09 release.

This does not affect any Logical Certify operations using multiple workers, in any releases.

For more information on the JADE Logical Certifier Diagnostic Utility, please see https://www.jadeworld.com/docs/jade-201 ... tility.htm?

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