#33 Critical Fix - JADE 7.0.10 Out of disk error

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#33 Critical Fix - JADE 7.0.10 Out of disk error

Postby Jade Support » Fri Jun 12, 2015 4:17 pm

An issue has been identified in JADE 7.0.10 which may result in data loss if the hard disk used by the JADE journals directory runs out of space.

This only applies to JADE 7.0.10, other versions of JADE are not affected.

Details of Issue:

When the disk that the JADE journals are written to runs out of space journal data will not be saved. Although the journal files may exist they will be incomplete and not reflect the state of the database.

Potential consequences include:
• SDS/RPS secondaries not being synchronised and are likely to become unresponsive
• It will not be possible to perform roll-forward recovery through these journals which may lead to data loss.

If this issue occurs then the database will need to be restored from a recent backup and rolled-forward to the last good journal.

Avoiding The Issue

Hot fix has been released which addresses this issue and should be applied as soon as possible. Alternatively sufficient free disk space for the journals should be allowed for and actively monitored.

• Apply Hot-Fix
• Or upgrade to the latest version of JADE in which this issue is fixed.
• Ensure sufficient disk space is available for your Database Journals

If you have any questions, please contact Jade Support
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