Jade source code as normal files

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Jade source code as normal files

Postby tim-m89 » Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:28 pm


This is a project in it's early days. It's provides the beginnings of functionality to mount a Jade system's source to look and behave like a normal file system.

The most obvious use case of that is because developer "Alice" might like to use 'git', but doesn't discriminate if "Bob" would prefer 'mercurial', or some other random use case where you need to use a tool that expects files that's not necessarily a source revision control system. Any tool that expects files should just work out of the box (and that's a design goal).

It's lacking documentation, but there's not really much point in trying to write some at this stage. If you've figure out how to use and would like to help plan it's future, then please contribute to the issue tracker (I know it's lacking heaps of functionality at the moment though let alone features). Better yet, get involved in the dev & submit a merge request.


Tim Matthews

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